Program 714: Uniquely Georgian; Amsterdam 2023; Puzzle of Polynesia

Release Date: 05-13-2023


Hear about the natural beauty and rich culture that await visitors in the Republic of Georgia, where Europe meets Asia. Then get an update on the travel scene in Amsterdam, where recent regulations attempt to minimize the impact of "nuisance tourists," and a renovated riverfront has become a pleasant place to escape the often crowded city center. And learn how early Polynesian navigators managed to populate the most far-flung islands on earth.


  • Tour guide and travel writer Tim Tendick
  • Amsterdam-based tour guide Dennis Gerrits
  • Christina Thompson, author of "Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia" (Harper Collins)

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Haiku Awards

Chicago in spring -
ancient river and the trees
all one clover green

Here too the lover
all the poets sing about -
full Chicago moon
— Deborah A. Bennett, Carbondale, Illinois


Friendly like a gift
Hanging out in Madison
You feel at home
— Art-Paul Schlosser, Madison, Wisconsin:


Dante whispers, soft
Medici majesty reigns
Duomo spirits rise.
— Catherine Johnston, Spokane, Washington