Program 724: Tangier; Costa Rica's Pura Vida; Lingo of Europe

Release Date: 08-19-2023


Guidebook authors from Morocco and Costa Rica explain why Tangier serves as a handy entry point into Morocco, discuss the meaning of "pura vida" in the tropical abundance of Costa Rica — and tell their story of an overseas trip that led them to fall in love and make a new life for themselves. And a Dutch linguist advocates for learning more about the evolution of Europe's languages as a fun way for travelers to deepen their cultural experiences.


  • Lucas Peters, author of the "Moon Morocco" guidebooks
  • Nikki Solano, author of the "Moon Costa Rica" guidebooks
  • Linguist Gaston Dorren, author of "Lingo: Around Europe in Sixty Languages" and "Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages" (Grove Atlantic)

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Program Extras

More with Gaston Doren - Rick and linguist Gaston Doren, author of 'Lingo" and "Babel," talk to caller Scott in Nevada about language faux pas and misunderstandings they've all made. (runs 3:22)