Program 726: Orkney Vikings; Favorite American Cities; Chopin's Piano

Release Date: 09-02-2023


Consider your options for encountering the thousand-year-old culture of the Vikings on a visit to Scotland's Orkney Islands. Then listen in as a frequent domestic traveler explains why he believes that visiting all 50 states is a worthy endeavor for all Americans — not merely for fun but as a powerful way to overcome political division. And hear about Frédéric Chopin's struggles with a clunky piano on a Spanish island, where he still managed to compose pieces that changed how the world listens to music.


  • Kinlay Francis, tour guide from Orkney, Scotland  
  • Daniel Seddiqui, author of "Piecing Together America" (self-published)  
  • Paul Kildea, author of "Chopin's Piano" (W.W. Norton)

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