Program 727: Enjoying Venice; History of Rome in 12 Buildings; Michelangelo's Rome

Release Date: 09-09-2023


Two local guides working in Venice recommend their favorite ways to find serenity in the "most serene" of cities, despite its often overwhelming tourist crowds. Then Rick chats with author Phillip Barlag about a dozen buildings and plazas in Rome that offer particularly fascinating insights into the city's rich history. And author Angela Nickerson helps us imagine Rome during the Renaissance, when it was the setting for many of Michelangelo's masterpieces.


  • Tour guide Elena Zampiron, based in Venice
  • Tour guide Lisa Anderson, based in Northern Italy 
  • Phillip Barlag, author of "The History of Rome in 12 Buildings" (New Page Books)
  • Angela Nickerson, author of "Michelangelo's Rome" (Roaring Forties Press)

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Haiku Awards

Program 727 Rome Haiku awards


A Vespa zooms down
a narrow cobblestone street
We speak in echoes

Bathed in candlelight
he lifts a glass of red wine
A smile — "here's to us"

To escape the crowds
we duck around a corner
He steals a kiss
— Mary Spadoni, Astoria, New York


temporary home
little flat in Monti, Rome
casa, ti amo
— Jeff in Denver


Afternoon sun streams
On Fountain of Four Rivers
Bravo, Bernini!
— Bruce Huang, Rockville, Maryland


Rubbed St. Peter's toe.
Climbed stairs to St. Peter's crown
I earned gelato.
— Jim Cotey, Murfreesboro, Tennessee