Program 730: Wandering Indonesia; Italian Lessons; Czech Towns

Release Date: 10-07-2023


Get a sneak peek at some of the surprises you might encounter when exploring one or more of Indonesia's 13,000 islands. Then hear from a journalist about how his fellow Italians pulled together — with a uniquely Italian spirit — to cope with the earliest days of the Covid pandemic. And pick up tips for visiting some of the Czech Republic's most intriguing historic locations beyond Prague.


  • Elizabeth Pisani, author of "Indonesia Etc." (W. W. Norton) 
  • Journalist Beppe Severgnini, author of  "Italian Lessons: Fifty Things We Know About Life Now" (Vintage)
  • Czech tour guide Jana Hronkova  
  • Cameron Hewitt, co-author of Rick Steves "Eastern Europe" guidebooks 

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Haiku Awards

Pgm #730 Africa Haiku

Zambia bush land
rainy season frogs so loud
I watch from my door

One more hostel bunk
do I need earplugs tonight?
turn to my left....ahh!
— Jane Hellman, Floyd County Virginia


In Kenya we saw
the "big five" on safari
and weaver birds, too.
— Eileen Patch, Endwell, New York


Africa like a
Ballerina on her toes
between two oceans
— Catherine Hawkes, Douglas, Georgia

Program Extras

More with Elizabeth Pisani - Researcher Elizabeth Pisani has spent more than 25 years traveling to many of the islands of Indonesia, and describes for Rick the improbable way fishermen there catch tuna. She also responds to a question from a listener in Fort Worth about the viability of traveling alone in Indonesia as a western woman. (runs 2:50)