Program 738: Christmastime in Bavaria, Croatia, Sweden, Rome, Sardinia, Costa Rica, Amsterdam

Release Date: 12-23-2023


Brighten your holidays with an international perspective on Christmas celebrations: Learn about Europe's Old World holiday traditions, and meet some of Santa's cousins, as some of Rick's friends drop by to discuss the sometimes sublime, often quirky ways they observe the season in Bavaria, Sardinia, Croatia, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Rome. And get a taste of a tropical Christmas in Costa Rica.


  • Munich-based journalist Stefan Wagner
  • Croatia/Slovenia-based tour guide Marijan Krišković
  • Stockholm-based tour guide Marita Bergman
  • Rome-based tour guides Susanna Perrucchini and Francesca Caruso
  • Historian Jeff Biggers, author of "In Sardinia" (Melville House)
  • Costa-Rica based tour guide Nikki Solano, author of the "Moon Costa Rica" guidebook
  • Amsterdam-based tour guide Dennis Gerrits

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