Program 739: Travel Like a Diplomat; Making a Difference; German Pop

Release Date: 12-30-2023


Get some travel advice from the former U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria, who recommends his favorite vacation getaways in the Balkans. Then listen in as a climate scientist describes the efforts that have worked — and some that haven't — in combatting the pollution that causes climate change…and what you can do now to make a difference. And hear how Germany's pop music has evolved to reflect a half century of intense cultural transformation.


  • Eric Rubin, former president of AFSA and former U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria
  • Dr. Heidi Roop, author of "The Climate Action Handbook" (Sasquatch Books)
  • Maisie Hitchcock

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More with Anne Doig and Ken Hanley - Scottish tour guides Anne Doig and Ken Hanley remind Rick of the lively New Year's Eve traditions they observe in Edinburgh. (runs 3:45)