Program 743: Happens in Vegas; Morocco's Sahara

Release Date: 02-03-2024


The most popular storyteller of our time, author James Patterson, shares insights from the people who work behind the scenes to turn Las Vegas into America's ultimate fantasy destination. And a Morocco-based tour guide recommends letting yourself be amazed by the night sky in the Sahara Desert, a view that's guided travelers for millennia.


  • James Patterson, author of "What Really Happens in Vegas" (Little, Brown)
  • Morocco-based tour guide Lucas Peters, author of the "Moon Morocco" guidebook (Avalon Travel)

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Program Extras

More with James Patterson - Rick probes James Patterson about the culture shock we might find in our international travels. James replies, with the concept of "thinkeracy" that he promotes with students to help them develop critical thinking skills and to explore new things. (runs 2:41)