Program 749: Totally Eclipsed; Mekong Paddle Pilgrim; Strange Food

Release Date: 03-30-2024


A nature filmmaker and self-proclaimed "umbraphile" shares tips for viewing the next total solar eclipse, when the moon will cast its otherworldly shadow on a narrow band across North America on April 8 — and explains why he thinks it’s worth a trek to the totality zone. Then the "Paddle Pilgrim" returns to tell us about the unexpected challenges along his month-long Southeast Asian adventure kayaking down the Mekong River, where he was forced to learn to "linger with the lotus." And Cecily Wong from Atlas Obscura describes some of the strangest potions and fermented foods concocted before the era of refrigeration.


  • Filmmaker Mike Day, author of "The World Has a Big Backyard: Adventure Travel Stories from an IMAX Documentary Filmmaker" (Wise Ink Creative Publishers)
  • David Ellingson, author of the "Paddle Pilgrim" book series (self-published)
  • Cecily Wong, co-author of "Gastro Obscura" (Workman)

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Haiku Awards

Pgm #749 Haiku Awards

In Trafalgar Square
like a military band
pigeons still parade
— Royal Rhodes, Gambier, Ohio


My Mum mashed our tea
In her Mum's old brown teapot —
Best cuppa ever
— Christine San Jose, Honesdale, Pennsylvania


Two hats by the door
One straw one fleece with ear flaps
Spring in Laramie
— Diana Kupolos, Wyoming


Outside Space Mountain
I saw an actual mouse
The future is now
— Daniel Roberts, New York, New York