Program 750: Mini Italian Lesson; Geography of Genius; Timbuktu Haircut

Release Date: 04-06-2024


We learn some surprisingly useful Italian phrases from one of Italy's most popular newspaper columnists, then consider why certain places have fostered more than their share of world-changing innovations, and hear about Timbuktu's history as an important center for scholarship. Plus, we find out about the thrill of dropping in on a choir practice in small-town Wales.


  • Journalist Beppe Severgnini, author of "Italian Lessons: Fifty Things We Know About Life Now" (Vintage)
  • Eric Weiner, author of "The Geography of Genius" (Simon & Schuster)
  • Rick Antonson, author of "To Timbuktu for a Haircut" (Skyhorse)
  • Cameron Hewitt, senior writer/content manager at Rick Steves' Europe

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Program Extras

More with Beppe Severgnini - Beppe Severgnini describes how he helped language students in China improve their Italian by using different inflection on several simple words. (runs 3:51)