Rick Steves Bingo (or Drinking Game)

Let Rick be your virtual travel buddy with this fun bingo game! Compete with friends and family (together or remotely over video chat). To play:

  1. Print out the set of four bingo cards or use the interactive bingo cards below.
  2. Fire up your favorite episode of Rick Steves' Europe (all 100+ episodes streaming for free at ricksteves.com or on YouTube).
  3. Mark, click, or tap the boxes as they occur in the episode. (Winner chooses the next show!)

To access the set of four different bingo cards:

Alternative fun: The Rick Steves' Europe Drinking Game

Turn a serious Rick Steves travel episode into a travel party: Forget about marking the boxes and just use the bingo cards to make it a drinking game! (The drink could be a favorite from the country you're watching…or not.)


Rick Steves Europe


"Evokes" "Evocative" or "Convivial"

Rick changes his shirt

Rick visits a church

Rick shares a budget tip

Rick wears a backpack on one shoulder

Silent bearded man appears (Producer, Simon)

Rick enjoys a local drink

 "Oh, baby!"

Rick dines out

Thinly veiled political comment

Enjoys commanding view point


"Keep on Travelin'"

"Thank you" in the local language

Celebrates pedestrian-friendly zones or green spaces

Alliteration (2–3 words starting with the same letter)

Rick adores art

Rick tries to make wonky history fun

Thinly veiled guidebook plug

"My friend and fellow tour guide"

Rick walks and talks

The month of filming is mentioned

"Biggest" "Oldest" "Tallest" "First"

Dorky joke (basically a
free space)


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