Raves About Rick’s London, England, and Scotland Tours

England and Scotland offer a marvelous mix of travel thrills, from the unexpectedly exotic to the nearly familiar. Take it from our tour members: each of our tours in Britain — from soaring cathedrals to friendly pubs to hard-working sheepdogs — comes filled with unforgettable experiences…

"Our guide had apparently planned that during our walk-in York we would round the corner suddenly so we would have a first, close-up, surprise, full view of the York Minster in all its glory and immensity. I had hoped for many years to visit this cathedral, and that moment of suddenly encountering the whole thing right in the face was the high moment of the tour for me. The evening we hiked to the Castlerigg stone circle outside Keswick was also an exciting, emotional experience."

— Earla in Wilmington, NC — Best of England in 14 Days

Sheepdog at Leault Farm, Kincraig, Scotland

"There were so many 'wow' moments, but one of my favorites was at the sheep farm where we got to watch the border collies herd the sheep. The intensity and focus of the dogs is amazing. I also enjoyed holding a tiny puppy and having him snuggle up against my neck. That was special. Cawdor Castle was very interesting. Actually seeing how someone lives in a castle today is amazing. Our tour was so fortunate to see the Highlanders marching through the entrance."

— Carolyn in Durham, NC — Best of Scotland in 10 Days

"Coming from New York, I thought nothing could beat the sights and sounds of NYC. Was I wrong! From the first day until the last day, the tour was fabulous. We learned so much about London, and we can't wait to return. Under the guidance of Gillian, we learned how to navigate the 'underground,' see the sites for which London is famous, find the best restaurants, walk (and walk, and walk!!) the different areas of the city, and enjoy every aspect of being in London."

— Margaret in Quechee, VT — Best of London in 7 Days

Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, England

"I attended Evensong at Canterbury Cathedral and was left breathless listening to the combination of organ and voices in such a special place. After one particularly moving piece, I found tears running down my face. As soon as the piece finished, the choir director turned and looked straight at me and just nodded. All I could do was nod back. I was amazed how the place, the music, the company all made the rest of the world disappear for a while. Way beyond WOW!"

— Joseph in Ridgewood, NY — Villages of South England in 13 Days