Raves About Rick’s England and Scotland Tours

England and Scotland offer a marvelous mix of travel thrills, from the unexpectedly exotic to the nearly familiar. Take it from our tour members: Each of our tours in Britain — from soaring cathedrals to friendly pubs to hard-working sheepdogs — comes filled with unforgettable experiences…

"A couple of my favorite tour experiences included walking among the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, witnessing the beauty of Wells and York Cathedrals, conquering two castles in northern Wales, walking the medieval town walls in Conwy and York, and literally touching history at Avebury and Vindolanda sites. "

— Amanda, Best of England in 14 Days tour

"Oh, that there are places in the world like Glencoe, islands like Mull and Iona, and seafood like Cullen Skink (and everything else that we ate)!! I just had no idea how great it would be to be in Scotland. What a wonderful, beautiful place and filled with such wonderful people."
— Thomas, Best of Scotland in 13 Days tour

Westminster Abbey

"Westminster is always a WOW! That ceiling!! And having a guide really helped me appreciate what I was seeing. I could spend hours there. St Paul's and going back for evensong was a great suggestion. And the "Beefeater" tour was fun!"

— Kathy, Best of London in 7 Days tour

Canterbury Cathedral, England

"I was impressed with how varied this large area and its people are from Canterbury to the tin mines in Cornwall and through Dartmoor to Stonehenge, not to mention the military history from 1066 in Hastings to Portsmouth."

— Joseph, Best of South England in 13 Days

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland

"The magical beauty of the countryside was stunning and was filled with many glens, lochs, and rivers around each turn in the road. My photographs did not capture this magical beauty. You have to be there to experience the lush greenery, colorful flowers, and water in the landscape. Amazing!!"

— Robert, Heart of Scotland in 8 Days


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