Raves About Rick’s Top 10 Tours

If you're dreaming of a European getaway in 2020, it's helpful (and fun!) to see what recent tour members have to say about their experiences. And hearing about our top 10 sellers (so far) is a fine place to start. Here's a collection of recent raves…

#10: Best of Scandinavia in 14 Days

"The mountain pass in Norway was breathtaking, and it was especially fun seeing cross-country skiers out training in early June. We all took turns sitting in the front of the bus and were rewarded with beautiful scenery. We had so many discussions with locals, as encouraged by our tour guide, Asa, and we gained a much deeper understanding of why the Scandinavian people are amongst the happiest in the world."

— Patrick in Dover, NH

#9: Village Italy in 14 Days

"Village Italy was a wonderful trip! I really enjoyed all of the cultural experiences, the food and wine, the truffle gathering, purchasing fresh snacks from the open-air markets, and seeing the detailed mosaics and frescoes preserved in Ravenna (fantastic)! Our guide was always informative, giving us wonderful historical background and perspective on each day's adventure. Her upbeat attitude and ready smile made for a very positive group experience."

— Shauna in Reston, VA

#8: Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days

"I cannot put into words how simply wonderful our tour experience was. From the moment it started at our introduction meeting, to the very last dinner together in Rome, it was nonstop amazement. Not only was it fun and exciting, but our tour guide could not have been better. I learned so much from her, she was so remarkable. She taught us Italian phrases on the bus as we were traveling and never seemed to tire of all of our 'dumb' questions!"

— Jacqueline in Bluffton, SC

#7: Best of Scotland in 10 Days

"There are too many favorite moments to count, but a clear favorite was the iconic Scots experience of watching Neil, a born and bred shepherd, orchestrate his pack of border collies with just whistles and Gaelic commands into a symphony of herding the flock of sheep — so masterfully it still amazes me when I look at my pictures of that day. It was capped off by an even more emotional moment — cuddling 18-day-old collie puppies as they squirmed and grunted. Perfect!"

— Jane in Fishers, IN

#6: Best of Turkey in 13 Days

"I absolutely loved the hot air balloons at dawn in Cappadocia, the magnificent Hagia Sophia, and the farmers market in Korkuteli. But my favorite moments were the ones when we connected with the local people, like a home-cooked lunch we had, or our night in Konya, when we waited to eat until the Ramadan fast ended and shared the breaking of the fast with local Muslims."

— Bruce in Farmington, UT

Pub musicians in Dingle, Ireland

#5: Best of Ireland in 14 Days

"Ireland is beautiful! This tour provided an excellent introduction to the people, history, culture and wonderful music throughout the country. Our guide was wonderful, sharing his own personal stories and creating local opportunities for music and activities. The Dingle Peninsula — with its friendly charm, locals, seafood, and music — captured my heart. An evening at O'Flaherty's Pub sharing music, a pint and some 'craic' with the locals was a highlight."

— Debbie in Andover, MN

#4: Best of the Adriatic in 14 Days

"Our first tour and we'd do another with you again. It was a great value with quality through and through! I can't imagine a better tour guide — always organized, flexible, fun and genuinely caring about each and every one of us. He will always be a friend. We've traveled with your books since '98 and have always had great experiences — but touring was such a complete accumulation of experiences that we're wondering why we didn't do it sooner!"

— Richard in Vancouver, WA

Amphitheater in Segesta, Sicily, Italy

#3: Best of Sicily in 11 Days

"This well-organized tour truly brings out the best of Sicily. The wide variety of experiences made every day into a "wow" moment. There is something for everyone: hands-on food demonstrations, hiking through ancient ruins, awe-inspiring cathedrals full of artwork and intricate mosaics, sampling local wines and culinary specialties and so much more. This tour should be on everyone's travel bucket list!"

— Patricia in Franklinville, NJ

#2: Heart of Portugal in 12 Days

"Another fantastic Rick Steves tour and GREAT guide! This tour provided great depth of history, architecture, agriculture, culture and understanding of a country that has so many connections to other countries in its history. The topics varied day by day as we saw different landscapes unfold around the country. The activities varied as well — drinking great wine, visiting family-owned farms, walking hills in cities, making a ceramic tile, a boat ride — and so much to learn!"

— Gloria in Hurley, WI

#1: Athens & the Heart of Greece in 14 Days

"What an adventure! Our guide and driver were SUPER — knowledgeable, personable, helpful, funny and Greek! So much ancient history, Greek gods, and lessons for a life well spent! The exposure this tour provided to Greek culture, treasures, food and beautiful, varying landscapes covered it all! Bring your GOOD walking shoes as you'll be walking many steps, cobbles and heights to new discoveries of remarkable feats of science, construction, legend, beauty and nature!"

— Charlene in Sacramento, CA