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The Basque Region of Spain and France

The Basque region is known for its independent spirit, lush scenery, and amazing cuisine. Our travels go from the laid-back seaside town of San Sebastián to the modern architecture of urban Bilbao to the charm of French Bayonne, and introduce you to a corner of Europe that many Americans have yet to experience.


It should be no surprise that France is the world's most visited country. We'll lead you through the battlefields and rugged coastline of Normandy and Brittany, and the vineyards and châteaux of the Loire Valley and Burgundy. Then we'll head south to Provence and the glamorous Riviera before topping it all off in romantic, historic Paris.

France Q & A

Planning a trip to France? Ask questions just like you would during a private travel consultation, but for free. An expert will be on hand to help you plan the journey of a lifetime. Learn about when and where to go and how long to stay, money-saving tips, transportation options, and more.

The Loire Valley

Only a few hours from Paris, exquisite châteaux dot the lush landscape of France's Loire Valley like jewels in a crown. We'll castle-hop between the top stops, including Chenonceau — with its dramatic setting atop a river — and the king's "hunting lodge" at Chambord, with its 440 rooms (and almost as many chimneys). We'll see why the valley is known as "the garden of France," with peeks at the astonishing Villandry, Chaumont, and some of the region's many vineyards.


For many Americans, Normandy evokes D-Day — the world's largest amphibious invasion that changed the course of history. But a tour of this coastal French province promises more than wartime bunkers and WWII memorials. We'll discover enchanting fishing villages, Gothic architecture, half-timbered houses, and the island abbey of Mont St-Michel.


Paris is synonymous with beauty, romance, great art museums, and fine cuisine. We'll discuss the ins and outs of finding good, affordable hotels and restaurants, the best seasons for visiting, and how to organize your sightseeing. And we'll cover some of the many day trips possible from Paris, including the massive palace at Versailles, Monet's gardens in Giverny, and the cathedral-riffic Chartres.

Paris Beyond the Basics: Museums & Architecture

Learn more about the beautiful, challenging, fascinating art you'll find in the many incredible museums in the City of Light — from the must-sees in the Louvre and Orsay museums to some lesser-known treats. We'll also take a look at the important architectural styles that give Paris' streets their unique and dazzling style.

Paris & the Heart of France

Some of France's most stunning regions lie within easy reach of its capital. After sharing tips for enjoying the best of Paris, we'll head out to explore the Loire Valley's exquisite châteaux, Brittany's half-timbered villages, Normandy's magical Mont St-Michel and stirring D-Day beaches, Monet's dreamy Giverny, and a medieval castle being painstakingly built in Burgundy with 13th-century technology.

Paris' Hidden Gems

Elaine Sciolino, who has lived and worked in Paris for 17 years, shares her secret destinations and insider tips... from the rue des Martyrs, her favorite street, to the Seine, the most romantic river in the world.

Provence & the French Riviera

There's something about the play of light in this region, where natural and man-made beauty mingle to dazzle the senses and nourish the soul. We'll learn about Provence's remarkable array of Roman sites, dynamic cities, and most romantic hill towns. We'll also explore the Riviera's most popular sights and best beaches, plus share some key tips for crowd avoidance.

Village France

In the small towns that dot the varied landscape of rural France, traditions hang on and the well-cultivated countryside is as sophisticated as the people. Join us for a visit some of the most inviting French villages, where land, tradition, and a slower pace are venerated. We'll explore the romantic hill towns and castles, meandering rivers, canals, and seas of vineyards that carpet the French countryside.