• Lustrafjord

Scandinavia, Russia & Baltics Classes


Scandinavia is Europe's most prosperous, pristine, and progressive corner. We'll explore the diversity of the Nordic countries — from agricultural Denmark, to industrial Sweden, to fjord-splintered Norway — as we meander through the Land of the Midnight Sun. We'll visit a salty fishing island, frolick in fjord country, and compare the capitals in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki.

St. Petersburg, Tallinn & Helsinki

In this formerly forbidden corner of Europe, a blend of east and west has created a region unlike any other. We'll visit the treasure-packed city of St. Petersburg, where we'll marvel at the masterpieces in the Hermitage and other Tsarist treasures; then it's on to Tallinn — the charmingly Germanic capital of Estonia — and finally to Helsinki, Finland's fast-growing, prosperous capital.

Reykjavik Highlights

Many travelers are adding time in Iceland en route to or from their mainland European holiday. We'll cover the most exciting sightseeing opportunities in and around Reykjavik and provide tips on making the best of your time in the world's most northern capital city, whether that's for long layover or a couple of nights.