Language Classes

Beginning Czech for Travelers

Learn basic pronunciation and a few key phrases, plus how to ask directions, understand a menu, and make small talk — all to help make your travels smoother and more fun.

Beginning French for Travelers

Learn how to make friends with the French during this lesson in language and communication. We'll explore the different ways that the French communicate with each other and with tourists, and learn basic pronunciation skills and key phrases.

Beginning German for Travelers

We'll practice basic pronunciation, learn some key phrases, and toss in a few cultural tips — all to make your Teutonic travels smoother and more fun. This is your chance to learn how to confidently say "Neuschwanstein" like a local — and know your Wein from your Wien.

Beginning Italian for Travelers: Part 1

Knowing just a few Italian words can really warm up your welcome in Italy. We'll practice basic pronunciation and learn some key phrases to help you communicate with the locals and make your Italian trip go more smoothly.

Beginning Italian for Travelers: Part 2

Once you have learned basic Italian phrases for traveling, it's time to develop your conversational skills. We'll give tips on connecting with locals and discuss cultural differences you may encounter along the way.

Beginning Spanish for Travelers

We'll learn basic pronunciation and a few key phrases to help your trip to Spain go more smoothly. Plus, we'll give you a few tips on how to make friends, order tapas, find your way to the train station, and more.

Beginning Swedish for Travelers

Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are so similar that if you speak one, you can quickly learn to understand the others. This quick linguistics lesson will teach you basic pronunciation and some key phrases to help make your Scandinavian travels go more smoothly.

Beginning Turkish for Travelers

To help make your travels in Turkey smoother and more fun, we'll teach you how to master the basics of the Turkish language including pronunciation, a few key phrases, and some important do's and don'ts.