• Cinque Terre, Italy

Travel Skills Classes

Europe for Foodies

A trip to Europe can be sightseeing for your palate. This food-lover's class outlines some of Europe's best — and most underrated — cuisines; takes a tour of Euro-hipster zones, foodie haunts, and must-try street food; and offers tips on how to inject a love of cuisine into your travels (through food tours, cooking classes, and more).

Europe on Foot

There's nothing like taking in Europe on a long-distance hike: From meaningful interactions with locals to hours of alpine views, traveling on foot lets you experience a place through all your senses. This class takes you through choosing the right route, packing smart, finding accommodations and food, and dealing with challenges along the way.

European Cruising 101

If you're planning a European cruise — especially if it's for the first time — you've got a lot of considerations to weigh. We'll give tips for choosing and booking a cruise, discuss how to approach all the optional add-ons, and share some practical travel skills for enjoying your time both on the ship and in port.

European Rail Skills

Planning a European trip by rail can feel daunting for any American. We'll cover all you need to know about Europe's railways: We'll walk you through the easy steps of figuring out which rail pass (if any) is best for your trip, and share tips on reading timetables, reserving seats, paying for fast-train supplements, sleeping on night trains, and making your train travels smooth and fun.

European Sleeps: Beyond Hotels and B&Bs

Whether you're a student, a large family, or hoping to stay in the countryside for a week, it's worth exploring other options besides hotels — hostels, rentals, home exchanges, and couch surfing can be great lodging alternatives. We'll share tips and information to help you decide if any of these options are right for your trip.

European Travel Skills

A trip to Europe can easily be an expensive, schlocky, and stressful experience. But for the well-prepared it can just as easily be a fun and enriching adventure that's worth every penny. We'll teach you the secrets of safe, smart, inexpensive travel — low on stress and high on fun. Learn how to plan an efficient itinerary, pack light, eat and sleep comfortably on a budget, navigate Europe's rail system, maximize adventure and minimize crowds, and experience the real Europe…through the back door!

European Travel Skills Q & A

Planning a trip to Europe? Ask questions just like you would during a private travel consultation, but for free. An expert will be on hand to help you plan the journey of a lifetime. Get essential tips on currency matters, packing, transportation, itinerary planning, and more.

Hut-to-Hut Hiking in the Alps

Europe's Alps provide endless views of lush mountain meadows, sparkling aqua lakes, and snow-capped peaks. Come learn about the Alps' well-marked hiking trails and the ins and outs of staying in Alpine huts. The huts provide showers, a bed, home-cooked dinners, breakfast, and a sack lunch for the next day's hike.

Mediterranean Cruise Ports

Taking a cruise can be a fun, affordable way to experience Europe — if you're on the ball and equipped with good information. We'll give a port-by-port rundown of the top Mediterranean cruise destinations, with tips on how to get from the port into town quickly and affordably, and share strategies for making the most of your limited time on land for Barcelona, the French Riviera, Florence, Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, the Greek Isles, and Istanbul.

Northern European Cruise Ports

Taking a cruise can be a fun, affordable way to experience Europe — if you're on the ball and equipped with good information. We'll give a port-by-port rundown of the top northern European cruise destinations, with tips on how to get from the port into town quickly and affordably, and share strategies for making the most of your limited time on land for Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Warnemünde (Berlin), Oslo, Bergen, the Norwegian fjords, and more.

Packing Light & Right

You'll learn now or you'll learn later: The first step to a great trip is packing light — you can travel for months with one carry-on size bag and still have everything you need for a great trip. We'll distribute packing lists, show off the latest in lightweight luggage, and demonstrate a professionally packed bag.

Tips for Healthy Travel

Travel is good for you...but it can also take its toll on your body. We'll share advice on how to strengthen your immune system, keep your digestion happy, and maintain particular diets or support a health concern while you on the road. We'll also cover the basics on what to do if you ever need to see a doctor or pharmacist while overseas.

Travel as a Political Act

Rick Steves believes there's more to travel than good-value hotels, great art, and tasty cuisine. Americans who “travel as a political act” can have the time of their lives and come home smarter with a better understanding of the interconnectedness of today's world. In this provocative slideshow lecture — now more timely than ever — Rick explains how travel can be truly transformational. Drawing from lessons he learned while exploring Europe, Central America, Asia, and the Middle East, Rick shares that by traveling thoughtfully you can take home the greatest souvenir: a broader perspective.

Travel as a Volunteer

Few experiences enrich a trip quite like sharing your time and talents as a volunteer. An expert on "voluntourism" will share practical advice on setting up a trip and discuss the rewards of working side by side with community members to help them improve their corner of the world.

Travel Photography

Learn to make the most of your camera so you can better capture your travel memories. We'll examine some fantastic photographs, not-so-fantastic photographs, and discuss some key technical tricks. We'll cover the most important basics, plus some fun extras for more advanced shooters who'd like to refine their skills.

Travel with Kids

From diapers to picky eaters to moody teenagers, traveling with children can be intimidating. However, armed with the right tips and an adventurous spirit, family travel can be rewarding and enjoyable. In this class families with children of all ages will receive practical tips on how to turn their travel dreams into a smooth and affordable trip that everyone — no matter their age — will enjoy.

Traveling Solo

No matter the destination, a trip taken by and for just yourself can be the most rewarding adventure of a lifetime. We'll share insider tips on how to save money, travel safely, overcome language barriers, travel alone without being lonely, and much more.

Traveling with a Mobile Device

Mobile devices are revolutionizing how we travel — and with new gadgets and apps showing up all the time, the digital dust certainly hasn't settled. With a focus on Apple and Android devices, we'll cover basic functions, such as how to avoid outrageous data-roaming fees, and share some tips on making the most of your device as a tool for navigating, getting key information, and staying in touch.