Program 319a: Europe by Rail; American Comfort Food; European Travel Reports

Release Date: 02-28-2015


One of America's top experts on European train travel shares her tips for making the most of Europe's extensive train network, and explains how rail passes work — and how to know when they’re a bargain. Then Road Food experts Jane and Michael Stern tell us what they look for in hometown "comfort food" restaurants, where everyone feels welcome. And listeners check in with reports on special travel moments from France, Spain, Poland, and Italy.


  • Alan Wissenberg, proprietor of Euraide rail info services at the Munich and Berlin train stations
  • Jane Stern and Michael Stern, authors of "Road Food"

Related Links

  • Information about Alan Wissenberg's EurAide rail info service.
  • Additional information about rail passes in Europe from the Rick Steves travel team includes rail pass revisions for 2015.
  • The Sterns have an interactive website where you can add in your own road food recommendations at
  • Buford Highway is an area of suburban Atlanta known for its proliferation of ethnic restaurants and stores.
  • A Texas branch of the USDA posts regulations for taking pets to Europe.
  • Information about the Boquería and Saint Catherine's markets in Barcelona.   
  • Salone Internazionale del Gusto is the Slow Food Conference held in Turin, Italy every-other October.  There appears to be a similar conference being planning in 2015 in Milan.  
  • The closing music excerpt this week was written and sung by Rita Abrams as a tribute to the city where she taught elementary school, and where caller Barbara lives.  Ms. Abrams and her fourth grade class recorded the song "Mill Valley" in the early 1970s.  Francis Ford Coppola made a video to accompany the song.

Program Extras

More with Jane and Michael Stern - Rick notes that Jane and Michael Stern started compiling their Road Food lists in 1973, the same year Rick started traveling to Europe on his own. He asks the Sterns to compare the “time-warp” places they still enjoy eating at, with new road food restaurant finds that still have "soul." (runs 2:23)