Program 338: Tastes of Italy, Paris, and Basque Country

Release Date: 09-14-2013


Your travels can open up your taste buds to entirely new adventures. Guides from Paris and the Basque Country in Spain introduce us to their local food traditions. Fred Plotkin serves up another helping of appreciation for the cuisines of Italy, and how to make every bite a celebration, Italian style.


  • Fred Plotkin, author of Italy for the Gourmet Traveler and Opera 101
  • Mary Bouron, tour guide based in Paris, France
  • Agustín Ciriza, tour guide based in San Sebastian, Spain
  • Francisco Glária, tour guide based in Pamplona, Spain

Related Links

  • Fred Plotkin's "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler" is published by Kyle Books in Britain, and is scheduled to soon be available as an e-book.
  • The Guardian lists many of its recent articles on food and travel in the Bologna region of Italy. 
  • Mary Bouron’s blog archives are called “How To Marry A Frenchman,” and includes a link to her Paris tours called “Walk Like a Parisian.”
  • Mary Bouron recommends the English-language online Paris food guide called Paris by Mouth, and the French language guide called  Paris By Mouth also has an arrondissement-by-arrondissement listing of top-ranked neighborhood bakeries.
  • Yelp has a list, and user reviews, of many of Paris' food trucks
  • Francisco Glaria lives in Pamplona, and guides with Novoturs in Spain's Navarra region. 
  • Rick summarizes the highlights of Basque Country in Spain and France.

Program Extras

Program 338 Extra #1 - Caller Brad from Virginia follows up on Ben's call in this weeks show, to describe visiting a beautiful villa built by Palladio in rural Italy, and the wonderful pasta he had there. Fred Plotkin also defines his pursuit of "pleasure activism" for Rick with an example from a recent trip to The Netherlands. (runs 4:13)

Program 338 Extra #2 - Mary Bouron explains some of the etiquette for shopping at supermarkets in Paris. (runs 1:44)