Program 378: Greek Islands; European Coffee Culture; European Media

Release Date: 09-13-2014


We'll explore some options for enjoying the climate and culture of Greece — with or without cruise-ship crowds — and get some advice on choosing between Greece’s many islands. We'll also compare the British and German media with what we've come to expect in the US. And listen in as Rick savors the relaxing ritual of taking a coffee break an atmospheric European café.


  • Anastasia Gaitanou, tour guide based in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • David Willett, tour guide to Greece, based in Australia
  • Gene Openshaw, co-author of Rick Steves Europe 101
  • Susie Millar, Belfast-based tour guide and contributor to BBC news in Northern Ireland
  • Holger Zimmer, Berlin-based tour guide and public radio producer for Radio EINS in Berlin

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  • Rick offers some basic tips for planning a visit to the Greek Islands.
  • The Municipality of Mykonos hosts is own website.
  • Santorini is known to be the most-visited of the Greek islands.
  • Wikipedia maps the various island groupings in Greece.
  • A list of coffee houses in the old city of Vienna.
  • In Britain, the Financial Times reports their circulation is at an all-time high, thanks in part to growth in the American market.
  • Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid The Sun features a topless woman on page 3 of each issue. Here is information about it on Wikipedia.
  • Tagesschau is a popular nightly TV newscast on channel one in Berlin. 
  • Susie Millar talked with BBC Belfast about her great-grandfather's role in helping to build the notorious steamship Titanic.

Program Extras

More about European TV - A listener in Florida shares an observation about European TV and movies with Rick, Susie Millar, and Holger Zimmer. He finds that residents of countries that dub American movies into their national languages tend to not be as fluent in English as those who live in countries that prefer to subtitle foreign material. (runs 2:10)