Program 424: The Cotswolds; Joanna Lumley's Greece, part 2; Unlikely Ski Resorts; Reykjavík Night Out

Release Date: 11-14-2015


British actress Joanna Lumley takes us on a soulful journey from Athens into northern Greece. Guides from Britain help us plan a getaway into England's scenic Cotswolds. Then travel writer Tim Neville tells us about skiing in unlikely places ― including Kosovo and North Korea. And we get a taste of Reykjavík nightlife during the Iceland Airwaves music festival.


  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide and historian based in Dorset, England
  • Tom Hooper, tour guide based in London
  • Actress Joanna Lumley, host of "Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey"
  • Travel writer Tim Neville
  • Feature from Travel with Rick Steves producer Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

Related Links

  • Rick provides an overview of sites to see in the Cotswolds region of England.
  • The government of the U.K. has produced a document explaining the "Countryside Code" tradition that allows public hiking access across private lands. 
  • Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey is a four-episode documentary special about her travels in Greece.  It is distributed as a DVD set in the US by Athena, and streams online at the Acorn.TV website.
  • Joanna Lumley released her memoir "Absolutely" in 2011, about her childhood in India and Malaya, boarding school in Britain, and her acting career.   
  • Tim Neville writes frequently for Outside magazine.
  • The "Live on KEXP" video series includes You Tube clips with performances from Icelandic artists Júníus Meyvant, FM Belfast, and Kiasmos.    

Program Extras

More with Roy Nicholls - British guides Roy Nicholls and Tom Hooper tell Rick how to discover evidence of the pagan foundations of Britain around the Cotswold village of Stanton. (runs 3:31)