Program 430: Being Sicilian; Geography of Genius; Tokyo 2016

Release Date: 01-09-2016


A pair of native-born Sicilian tour guides tell us what matters most about the "intensified Italy" of the island they call home. Then Eric Weiner, author of Geography of Genius, poses a theory about the places that have fostered world-changing innovation, from ancient Athens to today's Silicon Valley. And a journalist from Tokyo updates us on Japan's recession, and tells us what the Japanese are looking forward to in 2016.


  • Alfio DiMauro and Mari Accardi, tour guides from Sicily
  • Eric Weiner, NPR special correspondent, author of "The Geography of Genius" (Simon & Schuster)
  • Mike DeJong, freelance business journalist in Tokyo

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Program Extras

More with Mike DeJong - Tokyo-based business journalist Mike DeJong outlines for Rick the differences in the typical styles of business relationships in Japan with firms based in Europe or the United States and Canada. They also discuss the problem of white collar workers "working to death" in Japan. (runs 4:12)