Program 450: Bastille Day in France; The Only Street in Paris; Americans in Paris

Release Date: 07-09-2016


Historian David McCullough introduces us to some of the most influential "Americans in Paris" of the 19th century, who returned home to apply the lessons they’d learned in the City of Light — thereby helping transform a young United States. Also, tour guides from France celebrate Bastille Day with us, and New York Times correspondent Elaine Sciolino tells us what makes her own neighborhood in Paris feel like home.


  • Patrick Vidal, French tour guide from Brittany
  • Julie Sonveau, tour guide from Burgundy, France
  • New York Times correspondent Elaine Sciolino, author of "The Only Street in Paris" (W. W. Norton)
  • historian David McCullough, author of "The Wright Brothers" (2015) and "The Greater Journey" (2011) (Simon and Schuster)

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Haiku Awards

Bayeux Cathedral:
Gothic sits on Romanesque
Like a wedding cake.
— Jon Allen, Tacoma, Washington

Sancerre on a hill
Sauvignon blanc at its best
We need to return.
— Carl Carlson, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

When Washington met Lafayette
The link 'tween our countries was set.
Together we fought
And freedom we got
And so let us never forget.
— Bill Gregory, Portland, Oregon