Program 487: Scandinavian Solstice; Italy 2017

Release Date: 06-17-2017


Hear how the summer solstice is celebrated in Scandinavia, where the official start of summer is a big deal. Then listen in as Italian friends discuss the effects of their country's high unemployment rate — and how Italians are meeting the challenge — before taking listener calls to share tips for a "dolce vita" vacation. And come along as we visit with some Tuscan craftsmen keeping traditions alive in their hill town home.


  • Pal Johansen, tour guide from Oslo
  • Nina Bernardo, Italy tour guide from Rome
  • Cecilia Bottai, Italian tour guide and vintner
  • Ann Long, Italy tour guide from Sorrento
  • Feature on Montepulciano, Italy from Cameron Hewitt 

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Travel Impressions Haiku

Wake to new smell dawn
Strange tongue clangs pans of breakfast
Tuscany beckons
— James Conroy, Sigourney, Iowa


Gardens aplenty
Old-fashioned farms and houses
How I'd hate to leave.
— Elliott Fullner, Wisner, Nebraska 


Bloomsday in Dublin
Straw hats, dresses sweep the streets
Slainte, to your health!
— Beth Shorestein, Jacksonville, Florida


Chocolate, Waffles, Fries
Belgium feeds my inner child
While I sip great beer!
— Bridgit Horne, Bellevue, Washington