Program 535: Pan-American Road Trip; Souvenirs; Open Phones

Release Date: 08-18-2018


Hear author Teresa Bruce describe how she retraced a poignant family road trip all the way down the Pan-American highway. Then listen in as we weigh the value of souvenirs with travel writer Rolf Potts, who shares insights on the origins of the travel-gift industry. And reminisce with fellow listeners who’ve called in to share the travel memories evoked by recent episodes of the show.


  • Teresa Bruce, author of "The Drive" (Seal Press)
  • Travel blogger Rolf Potts, author of "Souvenir"  (Bloomsbury)

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Program Extras

More with Teresa Bruce - Rick asks Teresa Bruce what she and her husband ate on their road trip down the Pan-American Highway to South America. (runs 1:15)