Program 568: Italy 2019; Today's Israel

Release Date: 06-22-2019


Tour guides from Rome and Sorrento help listeners plan Italian adventures and let us in on how some things work — or don't work — in Italy. Then journalist Martin Fletcher tells us about living in Israel as well as the political pressures that will prevent a resolution to Israeli-Palestinian tensions from happening anytime soon.


  • Nina Bernardo, tour guide from Rome
  • Ann Long, tour guide from Sorrento, Italy
  • Retired journalist Martin Fletcher, author of "Promised Land," "Walking Israel," "The War Reporter" and other titles published by Thomas Dunne Books-St. Martin's Press

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Program Extras

More with Martin Fletcher - Rick asks Martin Fletcher why American TV networks have much fewer foreign correspondents now than they did a generation ago. They discuss how business priorities and the click-bait pressures of the internet affect the news industry, and Americans' understanding of the world today. (runs 6:51)