Program 602: How Berlin Remembers; Turkish Delights; Travel to Bhutan

Release Date: 05-23-2020


Learn about the traditional Turkish comfort foods and desserts that you can enjoy from the shops and street vendors of Istanbul. An American who's married to an artist in Bhutan explains what's required for visitors to tour the Himalayan kingdom. And guides from Germany describe the monuments to their country's turbulent history that you'll find in Berlin.


  • Germany tour guides Holger Zimmer and Fabian Rueger
  • Turkey tour guides Lale Surmen Aran and Yaren Turkoglu
  • Linda Leaming, author of "Married to Bhutan" and "A Field Guide to Happiness" (Hay House)

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Haiku Awards

staring at the sign
wishing I could read kanji
cherry blossoms fall
— Cam M. Sato, Williston, Vermont

Board the shaky train
the next adventure awaits
right out the window
— Meredith Anderson, Seattle

Carrying bags up
a mountainside for trekkers
later, burn my poop.
— Jan Pylar, Eugene, Oregon

Great Wall of China
Serpentine in its splendor
A business trip, eh?
— Padma Lakshman, Woodinville, Washington