Program 606: Aniakchak; Here Lies America; Ballpark Boys

Release Date: 07-04-2020


After visiting battlefield monuments and memorials, Jason Cochran saw how American history has been written and re-written. He tells us how the Civil War still factors into how his native South views itself. We'll also look at the ultimate summer adventure in social distancing on the Alaska Peninsula and hear how a group of high-school buddies road-tripped to every Major League Baseball stadium.


  • Adventure travel writer Christopher Solomon
  • Jason Cochran, author of "Here Lies America" (Well Hall Books)
  • "Ballpark Boys" Travis Smith and Keelan Larsen

Additional Info

  • Christopher Solomon describes his adventure in Alaska's Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve, with photos, in the article "Baked Alaska" in the May 2014 edition of Outside magazine. His article is also included in the 2015 edition of "Best American Travel Writing."
  • Jason Cochran wrote "Here Lies America" about what his visits to monuments of battles and tragedies revealed to him about how American history is written, and re-written.  Jason Cochran also writes guidebooks to Orlando and London as editor-in-chief at Frommers.
  • You can listen to an extended interview with the Ballpark Boys, which originally aired on Travel with Rick Steves program #290 in June, 2012.

Program Extras

More with Jason Cochran - Jason Cochran explains how important symbols such as flags and slogans are to Americans from the South. (runs 1:56)