Program 617: Dutch Masters; Where I Want to Go; Bird Brains

Release Date: 10-17-2020


Find out what the art of the Dutch Masters can reveal about the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century, and why Holland and Belgium were so different from the rest of Europe. Learn about the intelligence and personalities of different bird species around the world, and what they might teach us about what it means to be human. Plus listeners share where they want to go next, after their travel plans have been postponed by this year's global shutdowns.


  • Nico Favoreel, tour guide from Belgium
  • Jody van Engelsdorp, tour guide from the Netherlands
  • Bird expert Noah Stryker, author of "The Thing with Feathers" (Riverhead Books) and "Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America" (National Geographic)

Additional Info

  • Examples from Dutch art masters are included on the website.
  • The massive Muller organ at St. Bavo church is the largest in Haarlem, which offers free concerts in the summer months.
  • Rick blogs about filming some of the great art of the Netherlands for his TV show.
  • Many of the Europe-based tour guides that Rick interviews are hosting online touring experiences during this year's closures. We have links to their offerings on our website.
  • Noah Strycker's website includes information about his books and his work as a global birder.  Noah is also a contributing editor at Birding magazine.
  • Noah notes that Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon is one of the best places in the Lower 48 to observe puffins, from April through August.
  • Noah points out that there are a number of videos showing starling murmurations on You Tube, as well as evidence of a crow playing on a snowy roof.