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This marketplace is a listing of creative services and experiences that Rick Steves guides are offering during the COVID-19 crisis to earn some income by entertaining, educating, and inspiring our travelers.

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While we love and respect our guides, their businesses are entirely their own, and we offer this directory as a free service to them and to our travelers with no guarantee or endorsement of what they offer. It's just our hunch that you'll enjoy the travel-type experiences to be found here. 

Our Market Picks of the Week

Our team of guides inspire, educate, and stoke travel dreams with passion and creativity. Among the Marketplace's offerings of travel fun and inspiration, these are our picks of the week:

An Adriatic Adventure Across the Istrian Peninsula with Private Guide Slovenia and Chris Coleman

May 15–29, 2021 
The Istrian Peninsula encompasses three countries (Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia) and is rich with history and culture. Lovely coastal resorts, charming hill-top towns, quaint little villages, an abundance of intriguing nature, good food, and wonderful wine are some of the things you'll learn about in this series of webinars, plus the history of the Romans, Venetians, and Austro-Hungarians. Join Rick Steves guides Chris, Sašo, and Tina and friend Ervin on a fun, educational, and motivational adventure through the region and experience the beautiful cultural mix of the three countries. ($)

Hiking, Boating, Literature, and Cake — England's Lake District with Charlie Rawson

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 10:30 a.m. PDT/ 1:30 p.m. EDT
England's Lake District has long been home to adventurers, writers, artists, and farmers. Join Rick Steves guide Charlie for a virtual presentation about this breathtaking area. Listen to some incredible stories of women who resided there and explore the hiking trails, plus other fun activities. With prehistoric stone circles, incredible day hikes, and plenty of pubs, this is a fabulous area to explore. ($)

Splendid Palaces of the Habsburgs with Ben Curtis

As the most important family in European history, the Habsburgs amassed some pretty amazing real estate. Built over the centuries, these lavish constructions span the continent from Spain to Austria to the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Habsburg expert and Rick Steves guide Ben ranks his top picks for the most fabulous palaces that will make you dream of living big and relishing the crème-de-la-crème life of European royalty. (free)

Historic Forts of Southeast America with Molly Verlin

The southeastern coast of the US boasts a wealth of historic forts, remnants of the days when the territory was a battleground between the British, Spanish, and French and later, Union and Confederate forces. Today, these forts' picturesque constructions and peaceful grounds reflect none of the bloodshed they once witnessed, but instead provide informative, fun visits for the whole family. Join Rick Steves guide and Jacksonville, FL, native Molly as she describes how the forts' intertwining histories illustrate the turmoil this region has witnessed as many countries battled for supremacy. (free)

Virtual Experiences and More

Alfredo Cafasso Vitale: Trip Planning and Cooking Lessons

Alfredo leads Rick Steves tours in Italy and offers trip-planning services for Naples and southern Italy, as well as online cooking lessons of Italian favorites.

Anna Piperato: Virtual Tours

Anna leads Rick Steves tours in Italy. She offers virtual tours of Siena and classes on Italian art history and culture.

Arnaud Servignat: Accommodations

Arnaud leads Rick Steves tours in France and offers accommodations and customized cruises on his houseboat located near Paris.

Åsa Danielsson: Trip Planning

Åsa leads Rick Steves Scandinavia tours and offers trip planning services for Sweden and throughout Scandinavia.

Ben Curtis: European History and Music Books

Ben leads Rick Steves Eastern Europe tours and is the author of a few books on European history and music available for purchase at Amazon.

Cary Walker: Trip Planning

Cary leads Rick Steves Best of and Family Europe tours. She designs vacations across the globe for families and offers consulting for those traveling to Europe.

Charlie Rawson: Trip Planning, Virtual Walks

Charlie leads Rick Steves tours in Great Britain and offers 10 virtual tours throughout Great Britain and Europe, trip planning, and poetry classes.

Chris Coleman: Virtual Yoga Classes

Chris leads Rick Steves tours in France and offers live and pre-recorded yoga classes.

Dafni Panteloglou: Language and Cooking Lessons

Dafni leads Rick Steves tours in Greece and offers Greek language and cooking lessons.

Daniela Wedel: Photography and Trip Planning

Daniela leads Rick Steves tours in France, Germany, and Italy. She's a photographer and offers trip-planning services.

David Tordi: Virtual Classes, Language Lessons, Music

David leads Rick Steves tours in Italy and offers Italian culture classes, Italian language lessons, and live Zoom concerts with his acoustic guitar trio, Bartender.

Declan Field: Art, Music

Declan leads Rick Steves tours in Ireland and is a musician and artist, creating sculptures, paintings, and drawings.

Elena Zampiron: Language Lessons

Elena leads Rick Steves Italy tours and offers private German, Spanish, and Italian language lessons.

Ellen Janzing: Trip Planning and Language Lessons

Ellen leads Rick Steves tours in the Netherlands and Belgium and offers trip planning for those countries as well as Dutch language lessons.

Federico García Barroso: Virtual Tours

Federico leads Rick Steves tours in Spain and offers virtual tours of Madrid's museums and on Spanish history.

Francesco Gronchi: Virtual Wine Tastings, Consultations

Francesco leads Rick Steves tours in Italy. He's also a sommelier and offers online wine tastings and trip and wedding planning in Tuscany.

Francisco Glaría: Virtual Tours

Francisco leads Rick Steves tours in Spain and offers virtual tours in the Basque Country.

George Farkas: Accommodations

George leads Rick Steves tours in Eastern Europe. He offers accommodations in a historic building in Budapest, and transfers.

Helen Houston and Liz Lister: Podcasts

Helen and Liz lead Rick Steves tours in Scotland. Along with friend Susan Brown, they host a regular podcast to blether (chat) about all things Scottish.

Helen Inman: Art

Helen leads Rick Steves tours in Spain and represents her artist husband, Rachid Hanbali, and his oil paintings.

James MacLetchie: Photography

James leads Rick Steves tours in Scotland and is also a photographer offering framed images of Hebridean life, including Highland cows, thatch cottages, Scottish scenery, and wildlife.

Kateřina (Katka) Svobodova: Trip Planning

Katka leads Rick Steves tours in Eastern Europe and offers trip planning services for the Czech Republic and surrounding countries.

Lale Surmen Aran: Trip Planning

Lale leads Rick Steves tours in Turkey. She and her team offer trip planning services.

Laurel James: Apparel

Laurel leads Rick Steves tours in Scandinavia and sells Scandinavian-inspired T-shirts online.

Liz Lister: Trip Planning

Liz leads Rick Steves Scotland tours and offers trip-planning services for Scotland.

Niki Vlachou: Virtual Tours and Accommodations

Niki leads Rick Steves tours in Greece and offers virtual tours of ancient Greek sites and cooking classes. She also rents apartments in Athens.

Nina Bernardo: Pilates classes

Nina leads Rick Steves tours in Italy and offers virtual Pilates classes as well as day tours of Rome.

Pål Johansen: Video Tours

Pål leads Rick Steves tours in Scandinavia and shares video tours (and more) about his life in Norway.

Rafael Pereira: Virtual Classes

Rafael leads Rick Steves tours in Portugal and teaches online classes about Portugal's history and culture.

Robert Wright: PDF Guides

Robert leads Rick Steves tours in Spain and Portugal. He offers PDF guides of walking tours in Portugal and Argentina.

Rolinka Blooming: Accommodations

Rolinka leads Rick Steves tours in France and offers accommodations at her Eco guest house in southern France for individuals and private boutique retreats.

Sašo Golub and Tina Hiti: Virtual Tours and Classes

Sašo and Tina lead Rick Steves Adriatic tours and offer virtual tours and webinars about Slovenia.

Stacy Gibboni: Art

Stacy leads Rick Steves tours in Italy, and her paintings can be viewed and purchased online at Saatchi Art.

Stephen McPhilemy: Music and Accommodations

Stephen leads Rick Steves tours in Ireland and offers a collection of Irish songs from his tours and travels around the Emerald Isle. He also offers accommodations at his hotels in Ireland and the Swiss Alps.

Tan Aran: Accommodations

Tan leads Rick Steves tours in Turkey and offers accommodations at his hotel in the village of Mustafapaşa in Cappadocia.

Taylan Tasbasi: Apparel

Taylan leads Rick Steves tours in Turkey and sells traditional harem pants (şalvar) online.

Tommaso Pantè: Accommodations, Trip Planning, Genealogy Research

Tommaso leads Rick Steves Sicily tours and offers accommodations, trip planning, and genealogy research services in Sicily.

Véronique Savoye: Virtual Tours, Language Lessons

Véronique leads Rick Steves tours in France. She teaches French culture and language lessons and offers virtual tours in Paris.

Virginie Moré: Accommodations and Trip Planning

Virginie leads Rick Steves tours in France and offers accommodations at her guest house in Saint-Vérand in southern Burgundy and trip planning services.

Guides Offering Their Own Tours


Stefan Bozadzhiev and Yuri Boyanin offer tours in Bulgaria, the Balkans, Romania, central Asia, and the Caucasus.

Czech Republic

Kateřina (Katka) Svobodova offers trip planning services, private tours in Prague, and custom excursions around the Czech Republic, including UNESCO sites, Terezin ghetto/concentration camp memorial, and hikes in Bohemian Switzerland.

Jana Hronková offers day trips in and around Prague as well as longer tours around the former Czechoslovakia.


Arnaud Servignat offers walking and museum tours in Paris and boat trips on the Oise and Seine rivers. parisandbeyondwitharnaud

Nina Seffusatti offers tours in the Provence and Occitaine regions.

Rolinka Blooming offers tours of southern France with accommodations at her Eco Guesthouse Ferrairolles.

Virginie Moré offers small group tours in France's Burgundy, Brittany, and Provence regions.


Barbara Schikofsky offers tours in Saarbrücken, near Luxemburg, and around the Loraine region of France.

Holger Zimmer offers tours in and around Berlin.

Maisie Hitchcock offers walking tours tours in Berlin and Potsdam.

Torben Brown and Carlos Meissner offer tours of Berlin and the surrounding area including including the Sachsenhausen concentration camp memorial, Potsdam, Dresden, and Wittenberg.

Great Britain

Elizabeth Boardman offers cultural immersion tours in England and private walking tours of Bath and the surrounding area.

Gillian Chadwick and Robert Halkett offer tours of London and throughout Britain. greatbritishtours2020

Helen Houston offers tours in Scotland. tourscotlandwithhelen

James MacLetchie offers small group adventures and private tours in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland including archaeology, nature, and remote islands.

Jeanie Carmichael offers tours in London and the surrounding area including Windsor, Canterbury, Brighton, and Hampton Court.

Mark Seymour offers small group tours in the United Kingdom.

Roy Nicholls offers planning services and small group tours for Britain and Ireland.

Steven Back offers half-day and full-day tours of London and the surrounding area including Windsor, Oxford, Bath, and Canterbury.

Tom Hooper offers tours in and around London.


Dafni Panteloglou offers outdoor-focused tours throughout the Peloponnese and some Greek islands.

Danae Kousouri offers tours in Athens.

Ioanna Papakosta offers tours around Greece's mainland and the Peloponnese.

Niki Vlachou offers tours in mainland Greece and the Peloponnese.


Anna Lenard offers tours in Budapest and throughout Hungary.

Eszter Bokros offers tours of Budapest and Hungary.

George Farkas and Monika Posch offer tours in Budapest and throughout Hungary, including Eger and the Etyek wine region.

Péter Pölczman offers tours in Budapest and excursions into the Hungarian countryside.


Dara McCarthy offers walking tours and pub crawls in Dublin and day trips nearby including Powerscourt House and Gardens and Glendalough.

Lynn and Paul Corken offer small group tours in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Pascal Fitzpatrick offers transportation services in Ireland for small groups.

Stephen McPhilemy offers small group and family tours around Ireland.


Alfredo Cafasso Vitale offers food tours, cooking parties, rural escapes, and farm visits in Naples and the Campania region, as well as independent trip planning services.

Anna Piperato offers half-day and full-day tours in Siena and Tuscany.

Cristina Pernechele offers custom-designed tours of Padua and the region around Venice.

David Tordi offers walking tours of Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio.

Elena Zampiron offers walking, biking, and kayak tours in Venice and the surrounding area. ele.natour

Francesco Gronchi offers tours of Volterra and throughout Tuscany.

Tommaso Pante offers half-day and full-day excursions in Sicily.

Netherlands and Belgium

Ellen Janzing offers tours in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain.


Claudia Costa offers tours around Lisbon and the surrounding area. Everywhere-in-Portugal

Cristina Duarte offers walking tours of Lisbon and tailored experiences in Portugal.

Fátima Bugarin offers small group tours staying in her home in Tomar, Portugal, and experiencing local insights. Share-Portugal-with-Fatima

Maria Jose Aleixo offers tours in and around Porto.

Rafael Pereira offers tours in and around Lisbon.


Åsa Danielsson offers tours of Stockholm and throughout Sweden and Scandinavia.

Pål Johansen offers small group tours in Norway.

Ylva Gunillasdotter offers tours in and around Stockholm.


Tina Hiti and Sašo Golub offer custom tours in Slovenia.


Agustin Ciriza offers tours in the Spanish and French Basque Country, as well as hikes in the surrounding area.

Federico García Barroso offers tours in and around Madrid.

Francisco Glaría offers small group tours of the Basque region.

Helen Inman offers tours in the southern Spain regions of Nerja and Almunecar.

Javier Menor offers guiding services and customized itineraries in and around Madrid, Toledo and Segovia.

Jorge Román offers tours in Madrid, southern Spain (Andalucía), and Catalonia. travelingwithjorge


Lale Surmen Aran offers tours in Turkey, central Asia, and the Middle East.

Tan Aran offers excursions in the Cappadocia region.

Beyond Europe

Colin Mairs offers excursions in New Zealand and Australia.

Molly Verlin offers small group bus tours and local private tours of the Southeastern United States from St. Augustine, FL to Charleston, SC.


Travel Blogs

Ben Curtis (Eastern Europe) hosts a blog and podcast about travel, history, culture, and politics in Eastern Europe.

Carlos Meissner and Torben Brown (Germany) co-write a blog providing insights into the many dimensions of Berlin.

Colin Mairs (Scotland) blogs about Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, and more.

Cristina Pernechele (Italy) posts videos of Padua and the Veneto region on Instagram. explore_veneto_with_us

Francesca Caruso (Italy) is a local guide for Rick Steves' Europe who writes about the history, art, and culture of Rome's past as well as the city's surrounding areas (including Ostia Antica and Hadrian's Villa). She also gives private walking tours of the Eternal City.

Helen Houston (Scotland) writes about all things Scottish on her Facebook page. tourscotlandwithhelen

Jana Hronková (Eastern Europe) writes about life in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Lale Surmen Aran (Turkey) shares travel stories on her blog.

Lisa Anderson (Italy) writes about her her life as an American living in Piedmont, Italy.

Liz Lister (Scotland) provides insights into the diversity of Scotland on her blog.

Lynn and Paul Corken (Ireland) write about life in Ireland on their Facebook page. imagineirelandtours

Margaret Cassady (Best of Europe) writes travel stories, people profiles, and life lessons on her blog.

Margaret Monnier (Spain) blogs about life in Granada.

Mark Seymour (Great Britain) writes a blog about various aspects of British life. seymourtravels

Molly Verlin (Italy) blogs about the American Southeast.

Roy Nicholls (Great Britain) blogs about historical aspects of England.

Stefan Bozadzhiev (Bulgaria) writes about his travels and virtual walks on his Facebook page. DownTheRoadWithStefan

Tim Tendick (Best of Europe) writes a blog about his favorite places in Europe. TimTheGuide

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