Program 645: Romantic Rhine; Indian Ocean Journeys; Where I'm Going

Release Date: 07-24-2021


A pair of seasoned tour guides discuss the romantic allure of Germany's Rhine Valley, and author David Mould recounts his journeys in the Indian Ocean region while sharing what he's loved most from his time in India, Bangladesh, and Madagascar. Plus, with some restrictions on international travel winding down, listeners tell us where they're most eager to venture next.


  • Fabian Rueger, German tour guide based in Maine
  • Nico Favoreel, Belgian tour guide based in Bruges
  • David Mould, author of "Monsoon Postcards" (Ohio Univ. Press) and "Postcards from the Borderlands" (Open Books)

Additional Info

  • Rick Steves' online guide to the Rhine River Valley.
  • Fabian Rueger has developed the Packupine app to help you pack your bags for travel, as well as a color puzzle game called Wunderbunt.     
  • David Mould is the author of "Monsoon Postcards," which is published by Ohio University Press.
  • David writes about the significance of borders in his newest book "Postcards from the Borderlands."
  • Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the largest city of the Bengal region of South Asia.
  • David spoke further with Rick about his South Asia travels, which he writes about in "Monsoon Postcards," on Travel with Rick Steves program #615 in Sept., 2020.
  • The Third Man Museum in Vienna that caller Judith visited is slowly re-opening, with limited hours on dates ending with a "3."
  • Caller Craig mentioned hiking the "Jesus Trail" as an experience he'd like to have in Israel.
  • Rick's city tours are included in the Audio Europe app.