Program 650: Silver Linings; Basque Cities; English Villages

Release Date: 09-04-2021


Travel writer Don George shares the reflections that have helped him get through the pandemic with a positive outlook. Then tour guides from the border-straddling Basque Country of Spain and France lend insights on their home turf, plus advice for enjoying it. And a pair of British guides describe a few of their favorite historic villages in the west of England, where the traditions of its scenic countryside are alive and well.


  • Travel writer Don George, editor at large for National Geographic Traveler
  • Agustin Ciriza, Basque tour guide from San Sebastian (Donostia), Spain
  • Claire Lohiague, Basque tour guide from Hasperran, France
  • British tour guide Mark Seymour
  • Lorraine Dineen, tour guide based in Winchcomb, in the English Cotswolds

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More about driving in England - Following up on Janice's call about the stress of driving in England, Rick and his British guests offer further advice for Americans on getting comfortable driving in England. (runs 1:08)