Program 662: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail; When I Return to London; South of England

Release Date: 01-08-2022


We hear from a young traveler who, having graduated from college amid the pandemic, used the opportunity to set out on an epic hike from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail. Then Rick and the author of the "Frommer's London" guidebook share what makes them eager to return to London, and what post-pandemic changes they expect to see there. And a pair of British tour guides recommend important historical sites to explore in the south of England.


  • Hiker Skyla Sorenson
  • Jason Cochran, author of the Frommer's London guidebook
  • Tom Hooper, Blue Badge certified tour guide, based in London
  • British tour guide Mark Seymour

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Program Extras

More with Tom Hooper and Mark Seymour - English tour guides Tom Hooper and Mark Seymour share some of the sayings that arose from Admiral Nelson's demise in the Battle of Trafalgar. (runs 1:34)