Program 664: Tblisi; Bruges; Milan

Release Date: 01-29-2022


A young "digital nomad" tells us why Tblisi, in the Republic of Georgia, makes an ideal home base for working abroad. Then a Belgian tour guide describes what visitors enjoy most when exploring the medieval town center of Bruges. And tour guides from Italy share tips for people-watching among the high-fashion café society of Milan — and the cocktails to enjoy while doing so.


  • Mike Swigunski, author of "Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever" (self-published)
  • Nico Favoreel, tour guide based in Bruges, Belgium
  • Italy-based tour guides Alfredo Vitale and Donald White  

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Haiku Awards

Beachfront Haiku Awards  

Adventure beckons.
Umbrella rainbow. Sparkling
Waves. Warm sand. Cold Beer.

— Staci Backauskas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Heavenly footprint
Coral reef turquoise lagoon
Baskets, shark teeth, shells.

Sapphire, indigo
Lapis, turquoise, cobalt blue
Water is heaven.

— Sandra Van Dam Anderson of Tucson