Program 677: Parisians; Heart of Italy; The Scent Trail

Release Date: 05-21-2022


Author Graham Robb describes a few of the extraordinary historical characters of Paris. Then vintner and tour guide Cecilia Bottai shares tips for planning a getaway to the relaxed "green heart" of central Italy. And author Celia Lyttelton tells us how she traveled the world to find the ingredients for making her very own custom perfume.


  • Graham Robb, author of "France: An Adventure History" and "Parisians: An Adventure History" (W. W. Norton)
  • Vintner and tour guide Cecilia Bottai 
  • Celia Lyttelton, author of “The Scent Trail”  (Berkley)

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Program Extras

More with Cecilia Bottai - Italian tour guide Cecilia Bottai responds to a Brooklyn, New York listener's disappointment at finding only paid-access to beaches near Rome. (runs 1:14)