Program 689: Ambassador to Bulgaria; Senior Nomads 2022; Himalaya Hike

Release Date: 09-17-2022


Diplomat and former ambassador Eric Rubin gives us a look at how the foreign service works on behalf of American interests in Bulgaria. Then "Senior Nomads" Michael and Debbie Campbell update us on their pandemic-era global travels. And artist and author Sylvia Verange reflects on her hiking journey across the Himalaya Mountains and how it's affected her life in the decades since.


  • Eric Rubin, president of AFSA, and former US ambassador to Bulgaria
  • Senior Nomads Michael and Debbie Campbell
  • Sylvia Verange, author of "Two Breaths One Step" (Rare Bird Books)

Additional Info

  • Rick first met Eric Rubin when he was the U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria.  He now is the elected president of the American Foreign Service Association, representing the interests of nearly 17,000 active duty and retired foreign service workers. 
  • The Rick Steves online guide to Bulgaria.
  • Michael and Debbie Campbell have been traveling long term around the world as "The Senior Nomads" for more than nine years.  They've written "Your Keys Our Home" about their experiences with AirBnB rentals, and post frequently to Facebook.
  • The Senior Nomads also spoke with Rick about their earlier adventures on Travel with Rick Steves program #484 in May 2017.
  • Sylvia Verange wrote "Two Breaths One Step" about her hiking experiences in the Himalaya Mountains and what it taught her.  
  • You can view many of Sylvia's paintings of the natural world on her website.

Program Extras

More with Sylvia Verange - What's in a name? Sylvia Verange, author of "Two Breaths One Step," tells Rick why sometimes the mere name of a place intrigues her enough to visit. That was the case with Gokyo, in Nepal. (runs 2:47)