Program 694: Highlands of Scotland; Art of Spain; Sweet Home Alabama

Release Date: 11-12-2022


Get expert advice for planning a trip to the majestic Scottish Highlands. Then hear about some of Spain's most influential artists, from El Greco to the modern day. And discover what's making Alabama an increasingly popular destination for international visitors.


  • Scottish tour guide Anne Doig
  • Gene Openshaw, lead writer for the "Rick Steves Art of Europe" TV series
  • Callout to Madrid-based tour guide Javier Menor  
  • Alabama tourism director Lee Sentell

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Haiku Awards

Pgm 694 Window Seat Haiku

The earth cracked and split
a maze called the Grand Canyon
river's course defined 

Patches round and square
farmer's geometric art
patterns on the earth 

Walk upon the clouds
body's impossible dream
playground of my mind
— Donnie Willett, San Diego

Program Extras

More with Javier Menor - Madrid-based tour guide Javier Menor tells Rick, and Gene Openshaw, how the Reina Sofia Museum has been rearranging its collection thematically. (runs 1:54)