Program 699: New Year's Traditions; New Orleans Originals; David McCullough Tribute

Release Date: 12-31-2022


Consider new ideas for greeting the new year by learning about some of the unusual traditions — and a few superstitions — with which Swedes, Croats, Scots, and the Welsh celebrate this time of year. Then hear about the multicultural food and music that enliven the streets of New Orleans' neighborhoods. And join us as we remember the late historian David McCullough with a look back at his examination of how the Wright Brothers changed the way we see the world.


  • Marita Bergman, tour guide from Stockholm
  • Marijan Krišković, Croatian tour guide
  • Martin deLewandowicz, Welsh tour guide 
  • Anne Doig and Ken Hanley, tour guides from Edinburgh, Scotland   
  • New Orleans-based tour guides Andrew Farrier and Sandy Hester
  • Late historian/author David McCullough

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