Program 705: Basque and Balkan Carnival; Sicilians; World Lit

Release Date: 02-18-2023


Hear how ancient pagan traditions spice up carnival season in the Basque Country and the Balkans — two regions that celebrate the days preceding Ash Wednesday with raucous festivals. Then get two Sicilians' take on what sets Sicily's island culture apart from the rest of Italy. And consider your next armchair journey as Harvard professor David Damrosch recommends authors whose works can transport you to China, Japan, Iran, Brazil, and sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Agustin Ciriza, Basque tour guide from San Sebastián, Spain
  • Claire Lohiague, Basque tour guide from Hasparren, France
  • Slovenia-based tour guide Marijan Krišković
  • Benjamin Curtis, author of "A Traveler’s History of Croatia" (Interlink Books)
  • Sicily-based tour guides Mari Accardi and Alfio DiMauro
  • Harvard professor David Damrosch, author of "Around the World in 80 Books" (Penguin) 

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Haiku Awards

Program 705 Haiku Awards

Tiny Hotel Soap
First I bathe, then you're off to
Global Soap Project.
— Babette Salus, Springfield, Illinois


Cloud pearls curl proudly
above Lake Superior.
Water winks below.
— Jeffrey Staley, Bothell, Washington


Our flying tin lands.
Sardined passengers await
a can opener.
— Pamela Wilding, San Rafael, California