Program 708: Favorite Tours in Ireland; Celtic Middle Earth; Ireland’s South Coast

Release Date: 03-18-2023


Hear about how a locally operated tour can add depth and conviviality to your next trip to the Emerald Isle, then learn about the sophisticated ways ancient Celts mapped out their pre-Roman world. And get tips for exploring scenic West Cork — an untamed alternative to the tourist-trodden Ring of Kerry — and other highlights of Ireland's south coast.


  • Ireland tour guide and guidebook co-author Pat O'Connor
  • Graham Robb, author of "The Discovery of Middle Earth" (Norton)
  • Ireland-based tour guide Barry Maloney, author of "Kinsale" (self-published)
  • Feature narration by former TRS producer Sarah McCormic

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Program Extras

More with Barry Moloney - County Cork, as the country’s largest county, is sometimes referred to as “the Texas of Ireland.” Some locals call Cork “the real” capital of Ireland. Kinsale-based walking tour guide Barry Moloney explains why Cork is called “the rebel county,” and has a sense of self-importance. (runs 1:58)

More with Stephen McPhilemy - Tour guide Stephen McPhilemy, originally from Derry in Northern Ireland, explains the meaning behind the bloody red hand symbol that you’re likely to see in the north of Ireland. (runs 1:32)