Program 709: America’s Favorite City Parks; Europe’s Great Trails; Egypt 2023

Release Date: 04-01-2023


Learn about the thoughtful design behind America's elegant city parks of the 19th century, which continue to provide green space for millions of urban dwellers, then get some tips for exploring Europe on one of its long-distance hiking trails. And hear about the massive archaeology museum, built to display a vast collection of ancient Egyptian riches, that's set to open in Giza later this year.


  • Historian Laurence Cotton, producer of the PBS documentary "Frederick Law Olmsted:  Designing America"
  • Cassandra Overby, author of "Explore Europe on Foot" (Mountaineers Press)
  • Tarek Mousa, proprietor of Egypt and Beyond Travel

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Program Extras

More with Laurence Cotton - Historian Laurence Cotton tells us about Frederick Law Olmsted’s involvement with planning the site for the 1893 Columbia Expedition in Chicago, and the Olmsteds' work with the Drumheller fountain on the grounds of the University of Washington in Seattle. (runs 3:26)

More with Tarek Mousa - Egyptian tour guide Tarek Mousa explains why social clubs in Cairo are important places for recreation and getting to know people. It's how he met his wife. (runs 5:04)