Program 753: German Views; Mudlarking the Thames

Release Date: 05-04-2024


A German journalist shares some timely thoughts on what his fellow citizens find appealing about America, as well as his insights into the intriguing differences between our two societies. Then a London "mudlarker" who searches the River Thames at low tide for buried objects describes how discarded items can connect us with life in the Victorian era, and even as far back as Roman times.


  • Journalist Stefan Wagner
  • Lara Maiklem, author of "Mudlark" (Liveright) and "A Field Guide to Larking" (Bloomsbury)

Additional Info

  • Stefan Wagner's 2022 interview of Rick appears in English in This is Germany magazine. They compare how Germans and Americans view each other, and the world.
  • Karl May is the German author who introduced a romanticized view of the American West to German readers in the late 19th century.
  • Phoenix magazine wrote a tribute to the late Paul Winer in 2019, who was known as the "naked bookseller" at Reader's Oasis Books in Quartzite, Arizona.
  • Stefan also talked to Rick about how Germans approach contemporary political and social issues on Travel with Rick Steves program #728 in September 2023.
  • Lara Maiklem is the author of "Mudlark: In Search of London's Past Along the River Thames." She has hosted a TedX presentation on her mudlarking findings as well.
  • The Thames Explorer Trust offers guided tours on the banks of the Thames, as well as educational field trips.
  • Lara also recommends the Thames Discovery Programme for guided low tide walks along the Thames.
  • The Museum of London has exhibits from London's past at Docklands and is preparing to open a new facility in the Smithfield area of the city in 2026.

Program Extras

More with Lara Maiklem - Licensed "mudlark" Lara Maiklem tells Rick what she wears to explore the murky shores of the Thames at low tide in London. They also discuss where all of the small clay pipes you can find are coming from. (runs 2:19)