Program 755: Soldier Poets of WWI; Village Turkey

Release Date: 05-25-2024


Historian, novelist, and legendary editor Michael Korda invites us to look back on World War I through the eyes of its soldier poets, whose works — often composed in the trenches — offer an unusually personal and uncensored perspective on the horrors of "the war to end all wars." And a Turkish tour guide takes listener calls while offering advice for finding a friendly welcome in the rural villages of Turkey, where the main attraction might just be…you.


  • Michael Korda, author of "Muse of Fire: World War I as Seen Through the Lives of the Soldier Poets" (Liveright)
  • Lale Sürmen Aran, tour guide/operator from Istanbul

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Haiku Awards

Pgm #755 Haiku awards

Walking Ben Nevis
An eternal 'thin place,' near
To God, in Scots' Land

— Carla Wright, Georgetown, Kentucky


Cross Fell, Pennine Way
Needs a day of fine weather
We didn't get it.

When drinking tea
Milk always goes in last of all
As the Queen Mum did
— Ian Park, Burley-in-Wharfedale, England


No Rosetta Stone
for a Glaswegian voice
just peel the pub egg.
— Daniel Roberts, Lambertville, New Jersey