Hi from Rick: Discovering the Dazzling Adriatic

Dear Traveler,

Recently, a flurry of social media posts from Croatia claimed that Dubrovnik had "banned" wheeled suitcases — or, perhaps, was even levying fines against tourists for packing too heavy. This seemed hard to believe. So, rather than wonder and worry, I decided to get to the bottom of it…and I checked in with some of our Croatia-based tour guides.

They were happy to explain that the stories I'd been hearing were funhouse-mirror versions of the truth. Dubrovnik — justifiably popular and very crowded because of its glittering Adriatic beauty — has been working hard to teach visitors in the Old Town to be more respectful and less disruptive to locals. That includes the suggestion that travelers carry their luggage rather than drag it up ancient stone stairs. There was never any "ban" or "fines"…just asking nicely.

This was an important reminder of several things: First, you can't always believe what you read on social media — equipping yourself with real, reliable information is critical. Second, there's nothing like a great tour guide to give you the insight and context for understanding what's really going on. And third…boy, Croatia sure is popular!

In this month's Tour News, we're highlighting our Best of the Adriatic tour with a colorful, day-by-day slideshow. From that stunning walled town of Dubrovnik — the shiniest gem in Croatia's crown — to the bustling port city of Split, and from the Turkish-feeling Bosnian town of Mostar, with its rugged setting and soaring bridge, to the lush mountains of Slovenia, this itinerary packs in a maximum of natural beauty…and learning.

We'll also give you a taste of our Adriatic tour through reviews from recent tour members; share an interview with Sanel Maric, who hails from Bosnia and Herzegovina and leads a legendary walking tour of his hometown; and take a video tour through the watery wonderland of Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Remember: If you want to get the real story, travel with a tour guide. And if you'd like to enjoy one of Europe's most rewarding, up-and-coming destinations…head for the Adriatic.

Happy travels!



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