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Rick Steves Best of the Alps

Best of the Alps One-Hour Special

Releases July 2021 — In his new one-hour special, join Rick Steves on an alpine adventure, with scenic train rides, breathtaking lifts, majestic glaciers, and unforgettable hikes. We conquer the Dolomites in Italy; the Zugspitze in Austria; the Matterhorn, Jungfrau, and Appenzell in Switzerland; and in France, the iconic Tour du Mont Blanc.

Rick Steves Europe Awaits title screen

Europe Awaits Pledge Event

Releases June 7, 2021 — Travel lovers have spent the last year or so dreaming of where they’ll go post-COVID. In this 1/120 pledge event special, Rick Steves shares vivid and unforgettable visits to European favorites — off-beat, romantic, or just good for the soul — that he’d love to visit when we can travel again.

Hunger and Hope Pledge Event

Releases February 27, 2021 — In this 90-minute pledge event (also a one-hour special), Rick Steves travels through Ethiopia and Guatemala to learn about extreme poverty and its solutions, including smart development aid, empowering women, child nutrition, and education.

Rick Steves Island Hopping Europe

Island Hopping Europe Pledge Event

Releases February 26, 2021 — In this 30-minute pledge event, join Rick on an unforgettable journey of four of Europe's most intriguing and surprising islands — from the Mediterranean to Scotland: Malta, Capri, Orkney, and Skye. 

Rick Steves’ Europe Seasons and Specials