Delicious Europe Pledge Event

When it comes to good eating, Europe is a food lover's wonderland: elegant cuisine, rustic delights, seasonal treats, beloved bakeries, a passion for wine, and slow food rather than fast food. However you slice it, Europeans take pride in their food: eating well is living well. In this tasty, half-hour pledge event, we dine with Rick Steves as he enjoys Europe's very best — from gourmet tapas in Galicia to the trattoria of your dreams in Rome, and from the catch of the day in Greece to the ancient vines and wines of Burgundy. For garlicky snails, creamy buffalo mozzarella, savory bouillabaisse, the best of the wurst, and much more, join Rick on this fun celebration of European cuisine — Delicious Europe.

Content: Food-focused vignettes from the Rick Steves' Europe television series, interspersed with lively pledge breaks. Length: approximately 27 minutes. Released 2013.

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Basque tapas

Tapas in Basque Country. Download image

Rick Steves with beer steins and giant pretzels in Bavaria

Beer, pretzels, and pork in Germany. Download image


Rick Steves drinks a rose

Rick enjoys a fine rosé. Download image

Steve Smith dines with Rick Steves

Co-author Steve Smith joins Rick. Download image


Florentine Steak

Florentine steak. Download image

Lunch in Provence

A delicious lunch in Provence. Download image


A waiter moves quickly with a plate of hot seafood

Fresh seafood in Brussels. Download image

Rick Steves takes lunch along Rue Cler

Rick takes a lunch break. Download image


Seafood in Croatia

A classic seafood meal in Croatia. Download image

Cooking Paella in Spain

Paella in Spain. Download image

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