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Travel as a Political Act Pledge Event

Rick Steves believes there's more to travel than good food and fun in the sun. Travelers who "travel as a political act" can have the time of their lives and come home smarter, with a better understanding of today's world. In his inspirational lecture, Rick explains how, when we venture thoughtfully out of our comfort zone, we gain an empathy for the other 96 percent of humanity and come home with the greatest of all souvenirs: a broader perspective.

Content: Rick presents his "Travel as a Political Act" slideshow lecture to a live audience, interspersed with two lively funding breaks. Length: approximately 90 minutes; also available as 60-minute lecture-only program with no funding breaks. Released 2018.

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Travel as a Political Act

Old Bridge (Stari Most) in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Download image.


Travel as a Political Act

Rick with schoolgirls in Esfahan, Iran. Download image.

Travel as a Political Act

US flag flown on Liberation Day in 1945 over Château de la Rochepot in Burgundy, France. Download image.


Travel as a Political Act

A mother mourning at her son's grave in a martyrs' cemetery in Esfahan, Iran. Download image.

Travel as a Political Act

La Fromagerie cheese shop on Rue Cler in Paris. Download image.


Travel as a Political Act

Ruins of the Gate of All Nations in Persepolis, Iran. Download image.

Travel as a Political Act

Rick and local guide Aziz Begdouri in Tangier, Morocco. Download image.

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  • Rick Steves Travel Skills DVD: In this two-disc DVD set filled with information-packed travel lectures, Rick shares how to travel smoothly and affordably through Europe with practical tips on planning a trip, getting around, finding accommodations, staying safe, packing right, and more! Plus, Rick presents the history of European art from medieval through modern times and teaches how to broaden your perspective through travel, plus the bonus extra: Rick Steves Tour Experience.
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    • Item #: DV-BD-TRV2
  • "Rick Steves' Best Destinations" travel newsletter: 64 pages of stories, color photos, and graphics of Rick's top itineraries in Europe.
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