Program 653: Ærø Island Denmark; Emilia-Romagna; Italian View of Sicily

Release Date: 10-02-2021


Find out what makes the small Danish island of Ærø a perfectly charming and cozy getaway, which region Italophile Fred Plotkin considers Italy's greatest source of culinary and cultural achievements, and why the large island of Sicily is such a favorite with visitors, whether from elsewhere in Italy or abroad.


  • Danish-born tour guide Nina Seffusatti
  • Italian food and culture expert Fred Plotkin
  • Italian tour guides Susanna Perrucchini from Rome and Alfredo Vitale from Naples

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Program Extras

More with Fred Plotkin - Fred Plotkin explains how the porticoes that give the architecture of Bologna a distinctive, elegant look, are just one facet of the refinement of the city and its region, Emilia-Romagna. (runs 3:44)

More with Susanna Perrucchini and Alfredo Vitale - Italian tour guides Susanna Perrucchini and Alfredo Vitale tell Rick how the rest of Italy, and the European Union, provide financial support to Sicily, and how the island is now taking a leading role in using solar and wind power. (runs 4:16)