Program 681: French Impressionism; Perfect Week in Paris; First Timer’s Louvre

Release Date: 07-09-2022


Celebrate Bastille Day with French guides. They'll explain the impressionist techniques perfected in the early 20th century, provide insider advice for designing the perfect Parisian itinerary, and help tackle the immense collection at the Louvre.


  • Paris-based tour guide Elisabeth van Hest
  • French tour guides Veronique Savoye and Arnaud Servignat
  • James Gardner, author of  "The Louvre: The Many Lives of the World's Most Famous Museum" (Grove Atlantic)

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Haiku Awards

The gilt rapture
of a Loire sunset
chases me back to Paris.
— C. E. Siemens, Oceanside, California


Grandest ancient span
Masterwork of Roman stones
Standing relentless

Ten thousand tons of
Daydreams in elegant steel:
Emblem of Paris
— Bruce Huang, Rockville, Maryland


Geraniums flame
Timber and stucco walls lean
Canals gleam — Colmar!
— Teresa Janssen,  Port Townsend, Washington


Brittany lunch time
Could not say "beurre." We both laughed.
International language.
— Jim Cotey, Murphreesboro, Tennessee